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Marco Mazzoli, Matteo Morini, and Pietro Terna

The model and its construction are reported in Oligopoly.pdf. The code of the project is at https://github.com/terna/oligopoly.

A concise presentation of the simulation mechanism is reported in the following image:

The book M.Mazzoli, M.Morini, and P.Terna (2019), Rethinking macroeconomics with endogenous market structure, Cambridge University Press; other details. See also Introduction and Chapter 1 via Googe Books.

We have also the slides of an old presentation of the Oligopoly model at WEHIA 2017.

An article, Business Cycle in a Macromodel with Oligopoly and Agents’ Heterogeneity: An Agent-Based Approach, (2017) of M.Mazzoli, M.Morini, and P.Terna, discusses the model and its results (if you experience problems in reading, please use Firefox). [Look at Erratum below].

The Oligopoly model uses SLAPP as its agent-based modeling shell.

To run a specific case of the above quoted article or of the book Rethinking macroeconomics with endogenous market structure of M.Mazzoli, M.Morini, and P.Terna, please look at the Appendix C of the book itself or to the file runningSpecificCases.md.

It is possible to run Oligopoly directly online, via https://mybinder.org, accessing the file system at https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/terna/SLAPP3/master to modify – if necessary – the content of the folder oligopoly contained into the folder 6 objectSwarmObserverAgents_AESOP_turtleLib_NetworkX.

Then, from the main folder, we launch the iRunShellOnline.ipynb file, and finally we follow the instructions contained in it.

Erratum for the paper above: in Table 1, the Expected employment ratio at t=1 is 0.9 and not 0.8.