Swarm-Like Agent Protocol in Python

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What version of Python do you use?

SLAPP3 uses Python 3

SLAPP2 uses Python 2

Swarm-Like Agent Protocol in Python

At SLAPP 3, you have SLAPP running in Python 3 (in the SLAPP repository you have a lot related material and a large set of old versions; the 2.0.x version is the last one related to Python 2).

We have here also a Reference Handbook (it is still a draft and has to be improved).

Five chapters of the book of Boero, R., Morini, M., Sonnessa, M., and Terna, P., Agent-based Models of the Economy - From Theories to Applications, are related to SLAPP.

A recent paper (Business Cycle in a Macromodel with Oligopoly and Agents’ Heterogeneity: An Agent-Based Approach, 2017) of M.Mazzoli, M.Morini, and P.Terna, is using SLAPP as agent-based modeling shell.

We have also a running version of SLAPP, via the wonderful Binder project: try it!

Alternatively, and always online, access the file system to explore the possible modifications.

In October 2016 I taught a course on Agent-Based Simulation for the Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems, MADAS and for the Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics. I have introduced SLAPP both as a tutorial in agent-based programming and a simulation shell, with some comparative references to NetLogo. Look here for the contents and videos of the course; have also a preliminary look to the _README.txt file.
The file 2.mp4 of lesson 4 contains, from minute 41, a short introduction to the use of SLAPP online.

SLAPP logo: credits to Steve Rogers.

A poster about SLAPP