Swarm-Like Agent Protocol in Python

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What version of Python do you use?

SLAPP3 uses Python 3

SLAPP2 uses Python 2

Swarm-Like Agent Protocol in Python

At SLAPP 3, you have SLAPP running in Python 3 (in the SLAPP repository you have a lot related material and a large set of old versions; the 2.0.x version is the last one related to Python 2).

We have here also a Reference Handbook (it is still a draft and has to be improved).

Five chapters of the book of Boero, R., Morini, M., Sonnessa, M., and Terna, P., Agent-based Models of the Economy - From Theories to Applications, are related to SLAPP.

The new book of Mazzoli, M., Morini, M., and Terna, P., Rethinking Macroeconomics with Endogenous Market Structure, is deeply based on SLAPP.

The paper Business Cycle in a Macromodel with Oligopoly and Agents’ Heterogeneity: An Agent-Based Approach, 2017, of M.Mazzoli, M.Morini, and P.Terna, is related to SLAPP too.

We have also a running version of SLAPP, via the wonderful Binder project: try it!

Alternatively, and always online, access the file system to explore the possible modifications.

In October 2016 I taught a course on Agent-Based Simulation for the Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems, MADAS and for the Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics. I have introduced SLAPP both as a tutorial in agent-based programming and a simulation shell, with some comparative references to NetLogo. Look here for the contents and videos of the course; have also a preliminary look to the _README.txt file.
The file 2.mp4 of lesson 4 contains, from minute 41, a short introduction to the use of SLAPP online.

SLAPP logo: credits to Steve Rogers.

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